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Sessions for public, private, corporate, school and online guided meditation.

Improve mental health, protect against stress and ultimately create spiritual oneness.


 Antonia Tindley - Dove

Highly spiritual teacher with 14 years of experience teaching ultra relaxing public, private, school and corporate courses in meditation, mindfulness, spiritual awakening and the law of attraction. Antonia has a background in Business Learning and Development, focusing on well-being and mental health.


In 2022 and 2023 has won the London and South East England Prestige Award - "Corporate Well-being Specialist Of The Year" and has been featured and taught meditation live on BBC.


Meditation and Neuroscience study combined creates the practice AWAKE. Antonia has studied Eckhart Tolle style "Presence" meditation for 10 years and currently studies Advanced Medical Neuroscience through Duke University & The Neurobiology of Everyday Life through The University of Chicago. Antonia has designed a meditation that is super simple, with easy to grasp techniques that anyone can learn and perform with eyes open. The outcome being deep inner peace that spreads to others.


In earlier years Antonia designed and facilitated meditation courses to awaken consciousness and improve the mental health of staff within the UK’s Immigration sectors through Serco; a company that's a constituent of the FTSE 250 Index. Its CEO, Rupert Soames, grandson to Winston Churchill, supported the AWAKE practice. The courses taught present moment awareness, stopping the habit of excessive thinking, lowered stress levels and improved morale. Antonia also advised within the UK's Justice system /Thameside Prison, taught AWAKE Meditation in countless businesses, taught 600 tech employees through Atos DEI Summit 2023, to Softcat Learning & Development dept, to over 1000 children in schools of all levels, from state schools to some of the finest in the country, to over 1500 people though corporate & public courses.

Her Higher Power Courses are available now online here.


Antonia has designed and facilitated ‘Presence’ training courses for staff on a leading UK Home Office contract as a methodology to reduce symptoms of Vicarious Trauma. The workshop focus also being, to aid healing for and reduce the symptoms of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, Depression and Anxiety in 10,000 Asylum seekers via the "Presence" awakened in the 300 staff members that meet with them.

 Antonia enjoys giving public talks at events such as The Mindful Living Show, London, and is happy to spread the practice as far as possible. Her courses have been designed following training with a Trauma Therapy Specialist from the Institute of Psychiatry, Psychology and Neuroscience at London’s Maudsley Hospital and create current and effective treatment for modern day mental health issues. Her ultimate goal being to awaken and protect as many people as it takes to create a butterfly effect for World Peace. 

Her opening of the Practice AWAKE showcases carefully selected meditation teachers that align with the intention of the agency,


Antonia is a strong believer in God.

Continually creating the next level experience, Antonia has hired and taught crowds at Central London Venues such as Frameless, the most cutting edge 30,000 square foot Immersive art exhibition and has a vision of how art and meditation can create an elevated experience. Meditation does not have to be experienced with eyes closed only!

Music is designed and by leading composers

 to ensure originality and awe. 

Conducts classes from 1 to 500 people per session.

Hundreds of staff or students can be covered within a day.

Bespoke teaching creates current, relevant and multi award winning experiences.

Founder at award ceremony

Prestige Awards: Corporate Wellbeing Specialist 2022/2023 and 2023/2024 for London & South East England

"Spiritual Awakening isn't as unobtainable as many assume. It's actually really simple. It's just to live without your mind being in control. Its like a light switch inside. Once it's on, you see clearly. It changes the course of our people. It changes the path of big business, education, relationships, the lot. Feeling awesome inside is just a happy side effect for the people that light up. The Higher Power comes in. Yep, the big G."


 Conscious Meditation

• The ability to train one’s attention and awareness, achieving a mentally clear and emotionally calm and stable state


• Eliminates negative energies associated with stress, anxiety, depression and past trauma


• Increases positive energies such as creativity, productivity, and an overall feeling of peace generating new channels of open communication with others


Can reduce Vicarious Trauma in workers that use the techniques in their job roles.


AWAKE: Conscious Meditation can be performed at any point in time, with eyes open


Whilst it is enjoyable to learn at first with eyes closed, sat comfortably in a chair or lay on a mat, it is easily transferred to everyday life; whilst working, writing, in meetings, whilst reading, thinking, talking to loved ones


AWAKE Conscious meditation maximises feelings of well-being and acceptance of others around you. A strong side effect being the ability to generates high quality, unpremeditated and original ideas


AWAKE Conscious meditation is enjoyable and perpetuates positive energy. The practice transforms any environments even after the first session. The Higher Power comes in

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When it comes to health and wellbeing, the company to call is Beaconsfield based AWAKE: The Conscious Meditation Practice. Start your online sessions now.

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