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London, Buckinghamshire, Berkshire, Hertfordshire, St Albans, Watford, Aylesbury, Reading, Slough, Milton Keynes, Oxford, Woking

Beaconsfield, Amersham, Marlow, Henley on Thames, Penn, Tring, High Wycombe, Harpenden and the Chalfonts


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Wellness Session

Have a relaxing, in work, guided meditation or sound bath session that allows the whole team to completely destress.

Lie down, switch off and be guided into a deep state of relaxation.

Meditation: Learn to power down your mind, connect to your natural life essence in the body.

Sound bath: Be immersed in the deep sound vibrations, frequencies and vibrations that will interact with your body in ways that encourage deep feelings of calm.

Experience an abundance of bliss and positive energy.

Awaken feeling truly uplifted.

Teacher and equipment provided.

£265/ hour - up to 25 people.

Additional £8/head, over a group size of 25

Option of equipment provided:

Mat, blanket, headrest, £8 hire per person.

For events up to 500 people please call for discounted rates.

Highly recommended, it's been an absolute joy


"I'm really glad that this service is available for everyone to access now. The meditation sessions have proven, not only to me, but to all others that have engaged with this practice, to be immensely valuable in shifting mind perceptions to the important and away from the stressful. Highly recommended. It's been a joy."


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Group Journaling, Interactive Workshop with Visualisation Meditation

Manifesting Workshop with Antonia Tindley-Dove: A brilliantly engaging workshop for the whole team, creating aspirational, determined and ambitious individuals. AWAKE: The Conscious Meditation Practice delivers a system used to create the blueprint to achieving ones biggest dreams. As each person has their own individual desires, everyone in the room will be captivated, attention focused and immersed as they create a future map of reality that is scientifically proven to be effective in achieving goals. All that is needed is an active mind, pen and paper. Ready, set, MANIFEST. Life trajectory goes upwards from here. Session finishes with a vibrant, eyes closed mind activation that will instil new circuitry within the brains filter system, to draw opportunities closer in reality. Antonia has held the Prestige Award "Corporate Well-being Specialist of the year" for London & South East England for the past 3 years.

Session length 90 minutes

Group size 1-50 Price £795
Group size 50+ Price £995

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Brought My Dreams To Life!

H.Wood 24

I've been interested in the power of our mind and how we can create reality with the right guidance. AWAKE helped me unlock this through a deep understanding of neuroscience and spirituality in an easy way for my dyslexic mind to understand. A few months after setting those intentions with Antonia, I've nearly brought everything into manifestation!!!
You've brought my dreams to life and I feel 'AWAKE' inside! I can connect it back to the day I did your workshop!


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Personal Growth Session

Want the team to see each other's softer sides? This group life coaching workshop helps staff to focus privately on the elements of their lives which can be uplifted, giving them the tools to make positive changes for personal growth, health & wellness, career, relationships and much more.


This highly effective service will aid employees to establish and maintain positive behaviour, identify and develop ambitions and desires, improve accountability and build positive emotions, helping them to flourish and grow.


A group “inner child” visualisation meditation is designed to identify and eradicate self-limiting beliefs. This can often bring laughter and even tears of release, participants are free to share or not. It is a truly bonding experience for the whole team that is sure to bring everyone together in newfound respect for workplace relationships.


Session length: 2 hours 

Group size 1-50 : prices from £550 

Group size 50+ : prices from £750

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Results beyond belief


“Antonia is unique in her meditation technique and abilities. Naturally gifted, she offers a bespoke and personal service to match the needs of the audience with every session. She has a knack of being able to ‘read’ the room. Staff members who attended her sessions reported a genuine increase in their sense of wellbeing. Others commented that it prompted them to explore aspects of their life, which caused them issues but which they hadn’t really thought about before. In general, people reported being able to sleep better and concentrate more whilst at work. I am a Manager and attended as many sessions as I could. I can honestly say I witnessed all of the above. I can not recommend Antonia highly enough.”

Group session


Well-being Session

Have a relaxing, in work, guided meditation session that teaches skills to use at home. Whether you need help to switch off, help to get to sleep or are looking for a general overall feeling of wellness, this session is a great one for the whole team.

Business session facilitated at client workplace. Request sat up or lying down meditation.

Whether its to give the team a treat or as part of regular company routine, we can provide the teacher that will chill out those stressed minds, unwind those tangled thoughts and create a new energy in workers that is peaceful, at ease and uplifted.

Bespoke programs designed for business needs on the phone consultation.

Session length: 1 hour

£225/ hour - up to 25 people.

Additional £8/head, over a group size of 25

Option of equipment provided;

Mat, blanket, headrest, £8 hire per person.

For events up to 500 people please call for discounted rates.

Hugely beneficial to our team


“My team and I completed a course in AWAKE meditation and found the practice extremely beneficial to our mental health. We thought we would find it difficult to switch off at work, however within the first ten minutes of our first session we were completely at ease. The teacher had a very calm and welcoming presence and the teachings were practical and easy to follow. I have already started to identify times in my daily life when I am letting negative thoughts impact my mood and being able to consciously bring myself back to the present is helping to relieve a lot of stress.”


Yoga Class

MBSR Session

AWAKE's MBSR teacher qualified to Masters Degree level in ‘Mindfulness Based Approaches to Mental Health and Well-being'


Delivering a therapeutic session using meditative techniques and mindfulness exercises that can be learnt and used to alleviate stress and anxiety, creating feelings of inner peace, clarity of thought and mental and physical well-being. 


The session explores the ability to control and guide ones mind to regulate stress in day to day life situations. Mindfulness meditation techniques taught are easily learnt and used at home or in the workplace leading to better emotional wellness, a boosted immune system,  improved cognitive function and overall feelings of improved mental health.


Bespoke programs designed for business needs on the phone consultation.

Session length: 1 hour

£375/ hour - up to 25 people.

Additional £8/head, over a group size of 25

Option of equipment provided;

Mat, blanket, headrest, £8 hire per person.

For events up to 500 people please call for discounted rates.

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A must!


“Essential to my business! It has taught me to be in the present. To be conscious of my thoughts and has significantly changed the way I approach problems and anxiety."

Smiling doctor


Session: Avoid Vicarious Trauma at work.

Facilitated by Director: Antonia Tindley - Dove

SKILL TAUGHT: AWAKE Eyes Open Meditation that can be performed at the same time as working to protect employee well-being.

Particularly beneficial for trauma workers, emergency staff, helpline operators, administrators who read disturbing content as part of a job role. 


Bespoke programs designed for business needs.


Vicarious traumatization (VT) is a transformation in the self of a trauma worker or helper that results from empathic engagement with traumatized people and their reports of traumatic experiences. 

Learn Present Moment Awareness skills to protect mental health when job roles position workers in situations where there is a possible transference of negative information; from listening to upsetting or distressing things, to workers reading upsetting content.


  • Protect your own mental health and help to heal those you engage with. 

  • Protection from being totally consumed by situations that create psychological and physical pain

  • Prevent the mind from identifying totally with distressing content that is read or listened to.

Session length: 1 hour

£550 per hour - up to 25 people.

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“This was my first taste of meditation and I never thought it would work but after my first session i never looked back work was all about looking forward to the 1-hour session on a Friday it was so relaxing and helped with my mental health and being able to control my thoughts I would strongly recommend this to anyone 10/10.”


Image by Dylan Gillis

Yoga/Pilates in the Workplace


Give your staff the opportunity to quieten their minds and move their bodies. Yoga sessions in the workplace have been shown to decrease stress, increase motivation and promote creativity.


AWAKE can provide an hour of physical yogic movement to music incorporating pranayama/ "life force" focused breathing. 


Session tailored to all levels and bespoke programs designed for business needs on the phone consultation.

Session length: 1 hour

£250/ hour - up to 25 people.

Additional £8/head, over a group size of 25

Option of equipment provided;

Mat, blanket, headrest, £8 hire per person.

For events up to 500 people please call for discounted rates.

Wonderful life changing experience


“Thanks for providing a wonderful and simple way to do valuable guided meditations for various situations in my life. I work in an extremely high-stress environment and the meditations really improved my performance at work."

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It works!


“In the past, I have had difficulty at times with anxiety and have struggled to focus on things at work. I was dubious about meditation exercises at first because I'd never tried it before but after the first session, I felt so much more positive and understood a little more about being able to better experience the present rather than worrying about things beyond my control. Antonia is professional, friendly and creates a calming environment in which to try these exercises. With each session I learned more and more and I cannot recommend this enough. If you're not sure, give it a go - I promise you won't regret it!”

Meditation is great for your mental health & well being


“Well what can I say, after being a little sceptical in my first session. I was taken aback at just how relaxing meditation and mindfulness classes are. Antonia has a wonderful soft, calming voice. Meditation helps you to clear your mind and stop the habit of overthinking. It helps you to live in the now. Meditation is great for your mental health and well-being. It helps you to concentrate on the positives rather than the negatives and I would recommend it to everyone.”

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Meditation Convert!


“I admit that I was a little skeptical about meditation, but a colleague of mine had visited AWAKE and talked me and some others into giving it a try, so we went as a group as part of a wellbeing day with work. I didn't come expecting to leave the session feeling so invigorated, now I'm a bit of a convert!”

A great service


"Staff absence from stress has significantly reduced. Thanks so much."

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